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NICE operates a Community Job Center from 7am to 12pm, Monday to Friday. Workers are available for you and your business, whether you need someone on short notice for just one day, or if you’re looking to fill a permanent or temporary position.

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NICE on NY1: Immigrants' Rights Group Launches App to Prevent Wage Theft From Day Laborers

"Wage theft is a very common occurrence, you know," said activist Charlie Uruchima. "Day laborers are robbed on a daily basis all over the city...We have workers who come in everyday that need some sort of consultation, some sort of help because a contractor picked them up two days ago and they don't know what happened because the guy never paid them what they owed them."

Watch segment on NY1's website: www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2016/03/2/immigrants--rights-group-launches-app-to-prevent-wage-theft-from-day-laborers.html