NICE works to ensure that new immigrants can build social, political, and economic power in their communities and beyond

NICE operates a Community Job Center that serves as a safer alternative for workers who solicit employment at street corners and at employment agencies and that have little access to workforce development services.

At the Job Center, workers connect with potential employers, collaboratively agree on rules and fair wages, and build a community of support to address their specific needs. Additionally, workers have access to workforce development trainings, health and safety certification courses, ESL classes, Know-Your-Rights workshops, assistance to recover unpaid wages, and referrals to critical services.

NICE's current organizing campaigns focus on curtailing wage theft through contractor licensing reform, protecting job seekers through employment agency reform, and garnering municipal support for workforce development services in immigrant communities.

NICE is located in Northwest Queens, home of the highest concentration of immigrants and the oldest and largest day laborer corners in the country.

NYS legislature passes Justice for Job Seekers bill

Dear Supporters,

On the last day of the NYS legislative session, the Justice for Job Seekers bill S.8102/A.10672 passed the Senate 44-17 and the Assembly 109-15. Once signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the bill will provide fair and meaningful protections to low-wage immigrant workers as they look for work in the state of New York. This is a huge win for our communities!

Justice for Job Seekers has become a reality because of you! We thank Senator Jeffrey Klein and Assemblymember Francisco Moya for being our champions and for their relentless commitment to our communities and to this bill. This was a grassroots community effort  and we are very thankful for all of our community members that led this fight, to all of our coalition partners and to our allies for their support throughout this campaign (see full list below).

This transformative campaign was born from the experiences of NICE members who suffered at the hands of predatory and fraudulent employment agencies. Agencies that charged hundreds of dollars for job placements that never come through. After forming a worker committee to address this problem, NICE members began to educate immigrant workers on their rights as consumers and meet with decision-makers and other community groups to come up with a legislative solution. This led to the creation of the Justice for Job Seekers campaign.



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