Building the Power of Day Laborers and Immigrant Workers in New York

New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) builds the individual and collective power of immigrant workers. We envision a society where all people, regardless of immigration status, live and work with dignity and justice. We focus on organizing and supporting newly arrived immigrants who face significant challenges in finding safe, dignified, and well-paying jobs and are at high risk of workplace abuse and exploitation. 

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    JOB POST: Director of Operations

    SUMMARY OF POSITION NICE is looking for a hardworking, committed, and organized Operations Director who will be responsible for managing, developing, and implementing the operational aspects of our community-based organization..  RESPONSIBILITIES Oversee, direct, and organize NICE’s work in the general operational, finance, and human resources realms Improve NICE’s system of policies, internal controls, financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, and financial policy matters  Improve administrative and reporting capabilities, such as grants payment processing, financial audits and fillings, payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing Manage and cultivate relationships with funders to secure and expand recurring revenue streams Oversee HR activities including policies, compliance, and personnel evaluation implementation Ensure timesheets, lobbying forms, and other regulatory requirements are submitted on time Maintain filing systems of critical files, both physical and digital Contribute to the development of NICE’s strategic goals and objectives as well as the overall management of the organization Analyze the current technology infrastructure and scope out the next level of information technology systems that support the growth of the organization Manage day-to-day office operations and administrative systems Help lead organizational activities, as needed
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    JOB OPENING: Worker Rights Organizer

    POSITION DESCRIPTION Worker Rights Organizers at NICE build the individual and collective power of immigrant workers through innovative direct service and community organizing strategies. They work with day laborers and other newly arrived immigrants who depend on the informal economy for work and are often preyed upon by unscrupulous employers.  The ideal candidate is passionate, creative, and a great team player who works effectively independently and as part of a team, with a long-term commitment to social and economic justice and the empowerment of low-income immigrant workers. RESPONSIBILITIES Direct service provision Manage a caseload of immigrant workers, including group cases, on issues such as wage theft and workplace safety Liaise with attorneys, paralegals, and other associated staff Provide interpretation/translation, when required Provide referrals and follow up as needed Execute rights-based workshops  Developing membership and leadership Support outreach and recruitment of new members and member leaders Conduct intake and orientation of new members Build relationships with new and existing members  Support members to build relationships with each other and the organization  Develop the leadership and organizing skills of members Organize and participate in leadership training for members Turn out members for worker and immigrant rights-specific events and actions Develop the political consciousness and vision of members Help develop campaigns, both for local efforts and for broader policy campaigns Building organizational and movement capacity and power Help lead and support organizational activities Ensure that work is aligned with the mission and values of the organization Ensure that local work helps achieve the broader goals of the organization Ensure that members understand and are connected to the whole organization Ensure their work is contributing to building a broader social justice movement
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