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Located in Central Queens, NICE is supporting immigrant workers and their families in what is considered the "epicenter of the epicenter" of the COVID19 pandemic in New York City. 

NICE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable and precarious immigrant workers, with a focus on day laborers, domestic workers, and newly arrived immigrants.

Help us provide direct support to immigrant workers and their families through grocery distribution, cash assistance, and case management. Please consider making a donation to our relief fund. Anything helps. 

Learn more about TFW Teleparty fundraisers here:


Calin Cheznoiu donated $25.00
Seiji Carpenter donated $25.00
Alexandra Hammond donated $25.00
Keat Teoh donated $50.00
Martha Bragin donated $50.00
Steven Moyano donated $25.00
Chloe Chang donated $100.00
Terry Ferreira donated $50.00 
Rhoda Schlamm donated $25.00
Patricia Cortes donated $40.00
Martha Bragin donated $50.00
Deniz Ataman donated $25.00
Jennifer Horan donated $25.00
Neta Goder Goder donated $20.00
Praveen Kankanala donated $25.00
Deniz Ataman donated $25.00
Joshua Berezin donated $100.00
Mollie Lemon donated $15.00
Eleanor Innes donated $100.00
Sarah David Heydemann donated $30.00
Veronica Puryear Puryear donated $25.00
Jos Pimentel-Cardoso donated $20.00
James Wehrfritz donated $25.00
Gustavo Jacovazzo donated $25.00
Andrea Johnson Johnson donated $25.00
Lindsey Duel donated $25.00
Charles Huang donated $10.00
Anna Andreis donated $25.00
Erika V Cardona Cardona donated $20.00
Michelle Simunovic donated $25.00
Stephanie Foo Foo donated $50.00
Chandler M O'Connell O'Connell donated $25.00
Esther Morales donated $25.00
Nef Araia donated $100.00
Mollie Vandor donated $50.00
Stefan Beck donated $50.00
Holly Ann donated $10.00
Gaby Peña Fraga donated $50.00
Ariana Koblitz donated $100.00
Maya Lilly donated $25.00
Justin Chotikul donated $25.00
Karen Jensen Jensen donated $25.00
Talia Sandwick donated $170.00
Kelly Chan donated $25.00
Sha Hwang donated $100.00
Georgia King donated $25.00
Cher-Wen DeWitt donated $50.00
Drew Beck donated $25.00
Michelle Yun donated $25.00
Jessica Flynn Flynn donated $25.00
Marcia Beck donated $50.00
Alex Mallis donated $25.00
LiJia Gong donated $100.00
Mae Ryan donated $25.00
Daniela Busciglio donated $15.00
Grace yang Yang donated $10.00
Jessica Olney donated $75.00
Tara McMurtry McMurtry donated $25.00
Aisha Gunnell donated $25.00
Seth Samelson donated $50.00
Aisha Gunnell donated $25.00
Marcia Beck donated $65.00
TOTAL: $2,500.00!!!
Caron Atlas donated $25.00
Sweta Vasudevan donated $25.00
Connie Chen Chen donated $5.00
FINAL TOTAL: $2,555.00

$2,500 GOAL

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