Policy Reports

  • Bridging the Gap: Overcoming Barriers to Immigrant Financial Empowerment in Northwest Queens.
  • Dreams and Schemes in Queens, New York: Immigrant Struggles to Find Work and Get Status in the Face of Consumer Fraud.

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Graphic Novels

NICE is a leader in innovative, worker-developed materials for community outreach and popular education. Because novela gráficas are popular in Latin America and among Latin American communities in the U.S., NICE members have created a comic book and two graphic novels so that they could maximize these resources' effectiveness and reach in our community. 

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Theater Productions

NICE has a history of incorporating theater into our campaigns and outreach work. Performing plays allows our members to engage audiences and begin conversations about member and community issues

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Public Service Announcements

As part of our Immigrant Consumer Justice Campaign (ICJC), NICE members developed two PSAs to educate other immigrants about consumer fraud.

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