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Job Post: Training Manager


The Training Manager will work with the Training Director and team to develop NICE’s training efforts with day laborers and immigrant construction workers, ensuring they receive the highest-quality training that both satisfies the licensing requirements for Site Safety Training (Local Law 196), and need for critical information for their safety and wellbeing. The Training Manager at NICE will be key in providing management, execution, and support of training projects and activities with the immigrant communities we serve, as well as supervision of associates, trainers, and/or volunteers.

The qualified candidate is able and willing to work evenings and on-site, ensuring that activities are conducted professionally, in a culturally-sensitive manner, and consistent with the mission and standards of the organization. We are seeking a highly motivated, high-performing, and organized colleague who is able to work in a fast-paced, dynamic, and collaborative work environment.


  • Coordinate & support the execution of training that meets the needs of day laborers and other immigrant construction workers.
    • Have regular check-ins with the Training Director to coordinate and implement the strategy for the training program
    • Manage a training schedule that meets the various needs of day laborers and immigrant workers
    • Ensure documentation, data collection, and data security that meets funder requirements and internal evaluation needs
    • Maintain a training space that is flexible for a variety of training needs, including virtual training.
    • Be innovative and open to create a structure, pedagogy and other needs for virtual training.
    • Ensure training complies with Local Law 196’s Site Safety Training requirements.
    • Support building relationships with other organizations; participate in coalitions meetings, and in key partners meetings.
  • Support the management of know-your-rights and skills-based training that equips immigrant workers with the tools they need to gain and secure safe, living-wage employment:
    • Development of new modules and other material
    • Implement hands-on training if necessary
    • Work along the team in the development and execution of virtual programming
    • Build external partnerships with other organizations and partners to secure more trainings
  • Support in the management of team of instructors and support staff:
    • Support trainers in the execution of training, and virtual programming
    • Have regular check-ins with team of instructors to track advancement along with Training director
    • Coordinate outreach, registration, and other logistics to ensure all space, materials and other goods needed for training
    • Maintain excellent attendance and training records
    • Implement a thorough evaluation framework for all program activities, measuring student achievement and corresponding success, quantitatively and qualitatively
    • Interact and troubleshoot with staff and NICE and SBS for policy, technological, and other issues and inquiries
    • Assist with overall logistics and ensure all tech, space and other materials needed for training are on hand for each class or virtual training
    • Supervise Associates in the development and execution of these and other tasks to execute the program.
  • Other:
    • Help ensure milestones are met, and deadlines are kept
    • Help prepare, compile, and submit accurate and timely records, files, forms, statistics and additional relevant information in accord with agency policy, licensing, and funding requirements.
    • Participate in team and staff meetings
    • Refer members to services internally and/or externally
    • Engage member leaders to support and facilitate trainings, and build appropriate relationships with members to encourage their engagement within the organization
    • Assist with organizational activities as needed
    • Other duties as assigned


  • Strong knowledge of computer operations (including but not limited to, Google Apps, Zoom, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  • Administrative and organizational skills necessary to carry out job description responsibilities
  • Supports and facilitates positive interaction with others by exhibiting: individual maturity, respect for others, team-centered approach, and maintenance of confidential information
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills, work independently, meet deadlines, and the ability to perform and prioritize multiple projects
  • High emotional intelligence, engaging with at-risk individuals and maintaining confidentiality
  • Strong communications and interpersonal skills and ability to interact and work effectively with all of the organization's stakeholders (staff, members, vendors, etc)
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and in a diverse, multi-office, team environment
  • Dedication and ability to work flexible hours, on evenings and weekends, as needed, to meet client needs, as well as driving to home visits
  • Knowledge of the immigrant community.
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English
  • Ability to work and collaborate with a predominantly Spanish-speaking community


  • Full-time
  • Hourly
  • Non-exempt
  • Requires physical presence at the job site


Please submit the following documents to with the subject line: Training Manager

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Writing Sample


Application review will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

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