Immigrant Consumer Justice Campaign Working Group (ICJC)

Through use of the arts, the Immigrant Consumer Justice Campaign Working Group (ICJC) dedicates itself to educating the community on their rights and on how to avoid consumer fraud. Most recently, the ICJC has focused on Know Your Rights education around the use of predatory employment agencies and immigration service providers.   Check out some of the ICJC’s work:

Member-created graphic novels:

Ana Busca Trabajo (Ana Looks for Work) (2014) José Busca Legalizarse (Jose Seeks Legal Status) (2012) Play Performances: Performance of Ana Busca Trabajo (2014) Performance of José Busca Legalizarse (2012)   The ICJC Working Group is currently available to come to one of your meetings to present a Know Your Rights workshop on employment agency fraud. To schedule, please contact [email protected].