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Acción Popular de Jornaleros

The Acción Popular de Jornaleros is a committee of day laborers who have been working to organize the day laborer site at 69th Street in Woodside, NY. Acción Popular de Jornaleros aims to foster dialogue among day laborers in order to better understand workers' needs and the dynamics among workers at the parada (or day laborer site). Their end goal is to develop unity among workers, which would strengthen workers’ negotiating power and improve wages and working conditions for all day laborers who use that parada.   This member-led effort emerged after an NDLON hosted an assembly to discuss the issues day laborers were facing in the recovery effort post-Hurricane Sandy. During the assembly, organizations from the tri-state area discussed day laborers' wages, and NICE members discovered that Queens day laborers were among the lowest paid in the region.  After some consideration, a group of NICE members decided to investigate the reasons for this regional discrepancy and work together to remedy what they perceived as a major obstacle to the economic well-being of day laborers in our community.