Theater Productions

NICE has a history of incorporating theater into our campaigns and outreach work. Performing plays allows our members to engage audiences and begin conversations about member and community issues.

Ana Busca Trabajo

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Ana Busca Trabajo "Ana Busca Trabajo" was adapted by NICE members from our 2014 graphic novel of the same name. "Ana Busca Trabajo" is the story of a domestic worker who is scammed by two employment agencies and exploited by an unethical employer during her effort to find work.    

bridging the gap

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Jose Busca Legalizarse NICE members adapted our 2013 graphic novel "José Busca Legalizarse" and transformed it into a play so that they could educate the greatest possible number of community members, many of whom use immigration service providers. "Jose Busca Legalizarse" is the story of an undocumented immigrant worker who seeks to gain legal status in the United States. During his effort to attain legal status, José loses thousands of dollars to an unscrupulous immigration service provider. In the end, José learns what he did wrong and develops consejos (tips) for other immigrants so that they may avoid the traps he fell into.  

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Mira al Horizonte In 2011, NICE teamed up with Foundry Theater in the development of “Mira al Horizonte/Look at the Horizon,” a play about the lives of recently arrived immigrant workers in New York City. NICE members, who both wrote and performed the play, recited monologues about their struggles and personal experiences as immigrant workers. The performance sent a powerful message of hope to the audience: together, immigrant workers can affect change in their daily lives and emerge stronger than ever!