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NICE in the News


2.21.2013 El Diario: ¡No quedemos fuera de la legalización!


8.14.2012 Queens Tribune: Report Exposes Fraud on Roosevelt Ave

08.12.2012 Denuncian estafa a migrantes en NY: En Queens proliferan falsas agencias de trabajo

08.11.2012  Urgen limpiar a Queens de negocios que entrampan a hispanos

08.03.2012 Anger grows among Queens residents over city plans for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park  

08.15.2012  The Chronicle of Philanthropy: 2 Reasons Grant Makers Should Race to Aid Immigrant Charities

07.24.2012 The Indypendent: Immigrant Dragnet: Feds bring controversial program to NYC Area

06.01.2012 Asian Journal:  Immigrant groups protest NYPD ‘stop and frisk’ policy

05.31.2012 Queens Chronicle: Illegal workers warned of fraud

05.31.2012 Queens Chronicle: Spanish speakers plugged in at meeting

05.24.2012 Graphic Novel Tries to Help Immigrants Avoid Scammers



06.01.2011 El Diario/La Prensa S-Comm: “Hoy es un dia mas seguro para los inmigrantes”

04.05.2011 NY Nonprofit Press “North Star Fund Announces New Community Organizing Grants”

03.31.2011 “West Queens rep: High Vacancy rate bogus”

03.29.2011 Theater Mania “Carlo Alban, Eisa Davis et al Set for The Foundry’s Spring Season”

03.11.2011 “Junta comunal en Hospital Elmhurst deja dudas en los asistenes…muchas dudas”


12.22.2010 The Queens Courier “Rally against the Secure Communities Program”

12.24.2010MetroReport “Secure Communities program makes Queens residents feel insecure”

11.1.2010 Latino Internet “Telemundo, Univision Launch Drive to Get out the Hispanic Vote”

11.17.2010  The Indypendent “Insecure Communities” Feds Target NYC Immigrants for More Deportations”

10.05.2010 El Diario “Reembolsos para los inmigrantes”

10.06.2010 Queens Latino “La migra tomara sus huellas para deportarlo. Informese!”

9.02.2010 El Diario/La Prensa “Campana Para Proteger al Consumidor Inmigrante”

8.10.2010 The KPFK 90.7 “Informativo Pacifica (Wednesday August 4th 2010, 10:30 p.m.)”

8.09.2010 Voices that Must Be Heard “Legal Residents Could Vote for Council Members and Mayor”

7.08.2010 Queens Tribune “Immigration Reform Gets Mixed Reaction”

6.10.2010 NYC Media Alliance “Bill de Blasio listens to Queens Immigrants”

5.28.2010 Queens Latino “NICE Por Los Inmigrantes”

5.21.2010 El Diario/ La Prensa “¿No Me Conté en el Censo y Ahora Qué?

5.14.2010 El Correo de Queens ” Más Jornaleros están Desamparados”

5.13.2010  Queens Tribune “Panel to Eye Immigrant Pardons”

5.9.2010 People’s Production House “Internet Helps New Immigrants Connect to Loved Ones”

5.03.2010 Cixousified “Boycotts, Borders, and Bills”

4.27.2010 AMP “AMP Awards Micro-Grants to Support Grassroots Fund raising Efforts to get to the AMC”

4.22.2010 NYC Media Alliance “Voice that Must be Heard”

4.20.2010 The Nation “Reaching the Hard-to-Count: The Census and the Undocumented”

4.09.2010 Media Policy Program ” Internet Helps New Immigrants Connect to Loved Ones”

4.07.2010 “Mayor Urges Community News Outlets to Help Carry the Message of the Importance of the Census to the Communities they Cover”

3.31.2010  The New York  Times “Trying to Breakdown Resistance to the Census”

3.28.2010 NY Daily News  “Volunteers urge wary Immigrants”

3.25.2010 El Diario La Prensa ” Censo: No es Fácil Pero si Importante”

3.23.2010 The Queens Courier   “Census Coalition to get Queens Counted

3.19.2010 Latin America News Dispatch  “Immigration Reform Advocates Head to Rally in Washington on Sunday”

3.19.2010 New America Media  “Barrios Fired Up”

3.16.2010 Queens Courier  “More Day Laborers are Homeless”

3.12.2010 Gotham Gazette “Monserrate Fights for his Old Job and “Traditional Values”"

3.11.2010 Feet in 2 worlds “Hey, the Census Can Be Fun”

3.11.2010 Feet in 2 worlds  “Census and the Challenge of  Undocumented Immigrant Households”

3.10.2010 Independent Media Center  “Queens Center Mall”

3.10.2010 El Diario La Prensa ” De Puerta en Puerta para Contar a Queens”

3.05.2010 North Star Fund  “Historic Step for Immigration Reform”

2.02.2010  New York Community Trust  “Census”

1.21.2010 Caribbean Life “New Yorkers Demand Immigration Reform”

1.2.2010  New York Times  “Recession Pushes Day Laborers”