Hire a Worker



Professional, honest and reliable workers are available daily for jobs at the NICE Community Jobs Center.

Workers have a wide range of skills and abilities in construction, demolition, clean up, painting, repair and maintenance, moving, unloading and general labor. 

Workers are available for you and your business, whether you need someone on short notice for just one day, or if you’re looking to fill a permanent or temporary position.

Why hire through the NICE Community Jobs Center?

+ There are no fees for employers or workers.
+ The hiring process is easy, convenient and dignified.
+ Workers are honest, reliable and professional.
+ The center is a safe meeting place for day laborers and prospective employers.
+ Most workers are trained in health and safety hazards in the workplace
+ Workers are organized according to their skills and experience to provide the best match to employers.

How do I hire workers at the NICE Community Jobs Center?

You can hire a worker in one of three ways:

  1. Visit us at 71-21 Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens; 
  2. Call  us at 718-205-1687 or Text us at  929-399-NICE (6423), M-F from 7 am to 12 pm
  3. Email us at workerscenter@nynice.org with your completed NICE Work Order

What are your hours of operation?

  • 7 AM – 12 AM for same day hiring.  
  • For next day hiring, call during hours of operation OR leave a detailed message. Our coordinator will call you back to confirm your order.

How much does it cost to hire a worker at the NICE Community Jobs Center?

  • Workers have collectively developed a salary scale.
  • The staff at the center can also help you determine the appropriate minimum wage for different jobs.

Where does my money go?

  • Workers keep 100% of their pay. NICE does not take a commission or receive any money from workers.

Do I have to pick up the worker?

  1. You can either pick up workers at the NICE Community Jobs Center (in Jackson Heights, Queens) or
  2. you can coordinate for them to arrive at the work site on their own.

Why hire workers from the NICE Community Jobs Center?

  • We are a no-commission center; there is no administration fee for contracting workers.
  • Workers hired through the center commit to working ethically, and are trained on occupational health and safety to avoid injury.
  • Workers also developed guidelines of behavior for themselves, such as no drugs, no alcohol, and no fighting.

What kind of jobs do workers specialize in?

The NICE Worker Center hosts workers of all trades and experiences.  Besides construction and manual labor, our workers can help with moving services, cleaning, handiwork, painting, landscaping, among other work.

Is there an hourly minimum or maximum to hire a worker?

  • Workers are hired for a minimum of five hours, which is considered a half day.
  • Workers are also available to work full day (8 hours), a week, a month or permanently.

Who are the workers at NICE?

  • Workers are predominantly from Latin America.
  • They are predominantly men of varying ages with experience in different trades specializing in construction.

Why do the workers choose the NICE Community Jobs Center?

  • Workers choose to be hired through the NICE Community Jobs Center because they seek safe and dignified work where they can put their skills to good use.
  • The Center is a collaborative effort that offers workers a better chance accessing jobs while being treated with dignity and respect.

What if I have more questions?

  • Call or Text the NICE Worker Center at 929-399-NICE (6423) or visit us at 71-21 Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens.
  • Hours of operation are 7 AM to 12 AM.
  • You can also contact us anytime after that and leave a message and someone will return your call.