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Help NICE raise $10,000 before 2017 through our GoFundMe Campaign! Donations will be matched up to $5,000!




Dear Friends and Supporters of NICE, 

In honor of Immigrant Workers, up to $5,000 will be matched dollar for dollar when you donate before January 1, 2017!

By making a donation to NICE through our GoFundMe Campaign of $25, $50, $100, $1,000, or more, you are acting in solidarity with undocumented immigrant workers who are continuously organizing their power to advance their basic rights in the workplace and beyond! 

Your contributions are crucial at this time as we prepare to defend ourselves against this new era of anti-immigrant actions. 

As you know, we are up against powerful forces and people looking to exploit our communities, especially undocumented immigrant workers. 

Help us give our members a fighting chance as we grow together in solidarity to navigate through the next 4 years!

Donations made through our GoFundMe Campaign are tax-deductible!

In Solidarity, 

New Immigrant Community Empowerment

P.S. Please note that on December 15, 2016, NICE will be hosting our Annual Celebrating Courage! Standing with Immigrant Workers Benefit! Tickets must be purchased directly from our website at Ticket sales are not tax-deductible.
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