New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) is a community-based organization dedicated to building the power and advancing the rights of immigrant workers in New York.

Current campaigns focus on curtailing wage theft through contractor licensing reform, protecting job seekers through employment agency reform, garnering municipal support for worker centers, and fighting for comprehensive and inclusive immigration reform.

NICE operates a Community Job Center where workers collaboratively agree on rules and fair wages and connect with potential employers. The center serves as a safer alternative for workers who solicit employment at street corners and at employment agencies. At the center, NICE offers leadership and skills trainings, health and safety certification courses, Know-Your-Rights workshops, English classes, assistance to recover unpaid wages, and referrals to critical services.

NICE is located next to the Jackson Heights/Woodside day laborer stop in Queens, NY - one of the largest in the country. A recent study counted an average of nearly 200 day laberer looking for work per day at this location.